Interim HR Support

Interim HR Support When You Need It

While many organizations rely on RKL Resources as their full-service HR partner, many also turn to us for interim HR support on an as-needed basis.

When you have a specific need for HR services and insights, or a concern that your current HR practices might be leaving you open to legal action, we can provide the interim HR support you need. Our services range from helping you create your HR infrastructure from the ground up to strengthening and supporting your current HR functions and needs.

Our areas of service include:

Policy development and administration

Unemployment claims

Coaching and mentoring for incoming HR staff

Employee relations

Updating and assisting with administering FMLA

Job descriptions

Handbook review and updating

Compliance with laws and regulations

I-9 compliance assistance

HR audits

New employee orientation (NEO)


Interim HR Support

Our expertise helps you avoid major problems

RKL Resources has a great deal of experience working with organizations that operate within the confines of a heavily regulated employee environment. We understand how such an environment requires dealing with a myriad of complex laws and regulations – and how noncompliance can lead to significant financial risk.

HR audits are a vital part of a comprehensive and proactive strategy to help a company avoid legal liabilities. An HR audit can identify gaps in practices that can be addressed to help a company achieve and maintain its competitive edge – and the cost of conducting a full-scale HR compliance audit will be far less than defending one lawsuit.

Beyond noncompliance issues, ineffective HR practices in general can result in a higher turnover rate and loss in productivity, both of which can greatly affect an organization’s bottom line.

Common problem areas that lead to lawsuits

Inefficiencies that lead to higher employee turnover is one thing; organizational practices and lack of awareness of compliance issues that can lead to lawsuits is something else entirely – and in the worst-case scenario, can potentially mean a company’s demise. Most employment lawsuits can be tied to the following areas:

Hiring (job descriptions, employment applications and employment contracts)

Employee evaluation (performance appraisalsand promotions)

Employee discipline (policy infractions, suspensions and performance issues)


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